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We are always happy to create case studies of our work for our clients. Each case study is individualized to meet our client's needs. Check out some of our past case studies.

Case Study: Website Project for Public Employment Resource Board (PERB)

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The Public Employment Relations Board (PERB), an independent New York State agency, was created in 1967 with the enactment of the Public Employees’ Fair Employment Act (commonly known as the Taylor Law). The PERB website serves as an important resource of employment law for public employees in the State of New York.


In early 2018, PERB wanted a completely new website to be designed, developed and launched. However, with a major conference on the calendar, there was a tight deadline of roughly four weeks to complete the project in time for the conference.

Why Did PERB Choose Endorphin Advisors?

After expressing the need for a new website, a colleague recommended Endorphin Advisors for their website design, development and project management skills. With this referral, PERB was satisfied with the capabilities and projected cost of project submitted by Endorphin Advisors, and the project was awarded to Endorphin Advisors.

The Solution

In order to meet PERB’s tight deadline, Endorphin Advisors planned a rapid development process – scheduling a series of calls to maintain close and immediate contact between PERB’s team and the development team from Endorphin Advisors.


As the deadline approached, even more frequent meetings were held to ensure that everything was getting done, including uploading and tagging documents and videos, improving search engine optimization (SEO) and creating an updated version of PERB’s logo.

The Results

In the end, Endorphin Advisors met the tight deadline and the cost of project came in within the stated budget. EA designed and developed a new WordPress website from scratch, created 160+ webpages, developed/finalized an updated version of existing PERB logo, and uploaded and tagged more than 2,000 documents and videos.


Endorphin Advisors built a website that is fully-functional, tested, rigorously edited/reviewed, meets with public-entity (government) compliance guidelines, and includes all search engine optimization (SEO) functionality. Training on the use of WordPress was conducted. In the end, everything was finished within the one-month deadline and the project came in within the stated budget.

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Case Study: Website Project for Shank & Falvey Insurance

We designed and developed a new website for a local insurance agency.

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Case Study: Website Project for ADS Business Intelligence

We designed and developed a new website for a local IT service firm..


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