Why Content-Driven Video? 


The majority of people on the Internet prefer watching a quick video over reading a page of text. Since video is the preferred method of effective communications, with abundant data to support this, let’s give the people what they want.


Content-driven videos are different from professionally-produced videos in that they are often derived from written content, hence the name. These are not video recordings of people being interviewed like on TV. They are often written text with audio (spoken word or music) accompanying the video. They are sometimes similar to recorded slide presentations, with much richer content.


Importantly, content-driven videos are low-cost tools which are quicker to produce. Plus, you get all the benefits of video marketing, especially drawing the attention of many visually-inclined users, with a rich-media tool, at a low price point. 


Content-driven videos provide a powerful content-delivery mechanism to those people who prefer to watch a quick video instead of reading lots of text. When you include these types of videos alongside your original, written content, you can satisfy both types of users, and increase the likelihood that your digital marketing will benefit your organization.


Watch Some Content-Driven Videos and See How These Might Be Used in Your Marketing


On our Content-Driven Video Channel (see link above), we include several examples of content-driven videos on a wide range of digital marketing topics as well as branding-focused videos.

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