Creating Branded Buttons for Your Email Marketing Using Constant Contact's Table Feature

Creating beautiful branded buttons to use in your email marketing is simple with Constant Contact’s Tables feature. The Tables feature allows you to create customized tables in your emails, much like you would in a Microsoft Word document, allowing for greater ability to brand and organize emails. Using a button is usually more attractive than a text links because they look cleaner, are more visible, can represent your brand and are typically easier to “click” on when viewed from mobile.

In the text below we outline the steps to creating branded buttons using Tables, which you can also view in this short tutorial:

In small or even medium-sized businesses, non-profits and professional associations, primary users of Constant Contact, there are often limited marketing resources and personnel. Business owners and managing directors don’t have the luxury of putting a call to the resident graphic designer to quickly drum something up. More often than not, the individual in charge of email marketing will be in charge of all other marketing as well, a daunting task for even the most organized and astute individual.

Fortunately Constant Contact works hard to elicit feedback and create new features to overcome these day-to-day challenges for dedicated users. In fact, the tables feature is not only useful in creating branded buttons, but to organize proportionate sections of sponsorship logos/other images, create a symmetrical closing section, or to position a stylish CTA for demo/consultation request, a new guide download or sign up for a promo or offer. See some examples below.

Organize images proportionately:

Creating a Closing Block:

Positioning a CTA:

As you can see, Tables is a versatile organizational tool that can be used in a number of ways to create attractive emails in Constant Contact. The dotted lines above demonstrate how tables are used organize and position content.

Follow these 5 Steps To Create a Branded Button Using Tables in Constant Contact:

1. Create a “Table of 1”

When editing a block, select the Table’s button and create a table of 1×1 by selecting one square.

2. Enter the Call-to-Action Text

Once you’ve inserted the table, you will see it has been fit to the size of the block. Ignore this for now and enter the text call-to-action for your button and then center and bold if you wish.

3. Edit Table Properties to Reflect Brand

Hover over the table to bring up table options, which is a gear icon in the upper right corner. Click on the gear and select table properties from the drop down menu.

Once in the table properties window complete the following steps:

a. Under the General Tab (1), add a border (2) selecting thickness (3) and a color (4) preferably supplemental to your brand pallet. To change the color select “More Colors” (5) and enter the hex or RGB value for an exact match.

Disregard Table Width for now as you will edit this later.

b. Under the General Tab, center table alignment.

c. Select the Advanced Tab (1) at the top of the Table Properties window. Click on the color block to edit the background color of the button (2). This will be the primary color of the button. To customize this color, select “More Colors” and follow the procedure outlined above in #1 of this section.

Next select the middle-level option in the center for text alignment (3). Disregard cell padding and cell spacing. These options are used for tables with multiple cells.

4. Resize the Table to “Button Size”

When done editing the table properties you will have something like this:

Doesn’t look like much right? A diamond in the rough; hover over the table to bring up the resizing tool (a small white square in the bottom right hand corner). Using this tool, drag the box to the size you desire.

5. Change Font Color and Add in Target Link

Finally, change the font color of the CTA text to something that contrasts well with the button background color. This is done by highlighting the text and changing the font color as you would traditionally, using the drop down box in the edit block. If you wish you can also change the font size the same manner.

While you’ve got the text highlighted, add a link using the link feature in the edit block. This link should direct users who click on the button to the desired landing page, offer, registration page, or download you wish. When adding the link, ensure correct font color and bold, italics and underline as you see fit.

It may seem like a lot, but this is a quick and simple process. As you create buttons experiment in the table properties a little bit to get a feel for how you want to design your buttons and how you want them positioned within the block.

Tables is a powerful feature in Constant Contact because of the great value it can add to the design of your email, allowing it to stand out in the crowded inbox. The inbox is still the most effective place to reach clients and prospects and attracting attention has to be the first step in generating interest in your email communications.

Buttons are great branding tools, and allow mobile users to see and click on your CTA’s with ease. You don’t have to get rid of text links altogether, but try using buttons for some more prominent CTA’s. in your emails. Most importantly, test your buttons. Try different colors, sizes and text and compare performance in your analytics to determine what works for you.

Want to see this process in action? Check out the video below.

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