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ResultsCRM is an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system and business management solution through its company-wide features and key integrations with QuickBooks, Outlook, Constant Contact, SalesForce, SharePoint and more.

ResultsCRM connects all your organization’s departments together, becoming an easily accessible, central resource of company information. Serving a wide range of industries and business sizes, ResultsCRM enables businesses to build and maintain strong business relationships, automate processes, grow sales, improve service, manage projects and control billing.


ResultsCRM automates the way every department works and provides a true 360-degree view of the company. Read ResultsCRM Case Studies here.


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Why You Should Consider ResultsCRM to Help Manage Your Business

1.    Build Relationships & Grow Sales

2.    Automate processes across your organization

3.    Manage & track projects & performance

4.    Control Billing & Receivables

5.    Process service orders, purchase orders & scheduling

6.    Take your Organization Mobile & have access to real-time company information on-the-go

7.    Integration Ability with Key Applications (QuickBooks, Constant Contact, Outlook & more)


Build Relationships


ResultsCRM brings all departments together, acting as your “one-stop-shop” for accessing the information & data you need to build lasting customer relationships. With ResultsCRM, you’re able to exceed customer expectations through everyone knowing what was promised and ordered, what projects are underway, what is scheduled for the future, and the ability to instantly access account history.


Automate Processes


ResultsCRM automates your business processes, allowing you to deliver consistent results every time. You’re able to create a library of customized process templates to automatically assign tasks to the right person at the right time, and ensure service delivery.


Manage Projects


With ResultsCRM, Project Managers receive all information, documents and communication gathered during the sales process, so projects are executed exactly how they were intended. Therefore, you can easily track status, tasks, costs, resources and revenue and sync the critical information with QuickBooks and Outlook, as needed.


Grow Sales


You can manage sales opportunities, create and send accurate quotes, schedule follow up, and manage the sales pipeline. Streamline workflow and ensure every detail from the sales process is preserved when you convert sales from quotes, to orders, to invoices all from within ResultsCRM.


Control Billing & Receivables


ResultsCRM helps you get control of Billing and Receivables by allowing users to convert billable time directly into invoices, as well as creating Invoices from Quotes and Sales Orders. Users can process and record payments and will have key information to manage customer accounts – including products ordered, account balances, and payments – without needing any direct access to QuickBooks.


Service Orders & Scheduling


The Results Workgroup calendar makes scheduling and service order management extremely easy. You’re able to see what work needs to be done, who is available to do it, and assign tasks to individuals or departments. Drag and drop appointments within the calendar to reschedule or adjust workloads on-the-spot. View and manage scheduled activities from the calendar, or by the customer, project or Assigned-To for ultimate control and flexibility.


ResultsCRM is The Highest Rated CRM System for QuickBooks


QuickBooks, a premier accounting software from Intuit used by small, mid-sized & large business owners, fully integrates with, and recommends, ResultsCRM:


“Results CRM is a must-have for any business that uses QuickBooks. The marriage of these two products allows companies to do more with their financial data, while eliminating double-data entry.”

- Simon Pass, IRP Sales Leader at Intuit



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