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A website is the first line of communication for any organization. A website is a constant, digital face, helping to attract, inform and serve customers or members.

Do you need a new website? Something you're proud of? Something that works?

Key questions to determine if it's time for a new/updated website


  1. Does the site pass the 5-Second Test? Can visitors tell what you do in 5-seconds?

  2. Are you seeing positive Google Analytics numbers? High page views & sessions? New vs. Returning visitors? Low bounce rate? High average session duration?

  3. Is there an appropriate balance of images & video?

  4. Is branding clear and compelling?

  5. Do you have compelling About & Team/staff pages?

  6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Have webpages been optimized to improve search results?

Do you want a dedicated account manager to manage your project?

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Do you know someone that wants a new/updated website?

Refer them to us and you'll earn $100 when the project is finished.

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